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Yes! You Will Be Approved – 1, 2, 3, 4, $500 – Drive Now!

At EZ OWN Auto Source, we make vehicle ownership as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, $500. We accept customers with limited, no, and troubled credit history. Since 2009, we have helped more than 10,000 customers get in a car and driving today. We guarantee that you will be approved and can choose from our inventory today and start driving with $500.


No Credit History Required – Just Show Us Income and You’re Approved.

Our Rent-to-Own program offers flexibility with payments. We never rely on credit reports to determine who qualifies for a vehicle. Everyone who fills out an application is approved. Since we rely on income proof, all you need to do is prove income and you can drive off with a car from our inventory. Consumers purchasing a vehicle through our Rent- to- Own program have 36 to 42 months to pay off your vehicle, with the choice to trade up or down, during their leasing term.

Low Down Payments – Don’t Pay Thousands when You Can Pay $500

Unlike “Buy-Here, Pay-Here” dealerships, EZ OWN Auto Source doesn’t require thousands of dollars down. All you need is $500. Additionally, you can return a vehicle for any reason, during the contract term, without facing negative consequences or penalties.

Cancel Anytime – Yes! You Can Walk Away Whenever

Our lease to own program allows you to walk away from the vehicle and cancel anytime. With a Buy-Here, Pay-Here program (offered by Drive Time and Cactus Jacks) you are committed to pay 100% of the entire loan and even a pay-off. Not very flexible if you’re only going to be in area for a short time, but with our rent to own program cancel anytime you need. This flexibility is ideal for college students, military or seasonal workers.

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Just bought my car from here yesterday and it was a great experience! Very straight forward and honest when it comes to talking about your fees and pricing, everyone is super friendly and personable, Steven was my salesmen and was a big help! Family owned and it doesn't feel like your average dealership when you go there. The day we signed everything it was quick in and out was there maybe an hour tops!

— Juan M.

This company is amazing! My boyfriend and I were looking at rent-to-own car programs all over Phoenix. A lot of the cars were very overpriced and many places had bad customer service. However, EZ OWN worked with us, gave us time to get our minimum payment down and got us into an extremely nice vehicle - 2008 Impala! In addition to that, customer service was awesome!!

— Eboni L.

All of the cars we looked at still had a manufacture warranty. The cars here are practically new and for a better price than you could find at any name brand dealer. Doc fees are reasonable and the staff is amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. If you are shopping for a vehicle you should definitely stop by and take a few for a test drive, get all your questions answered upfront, and find a better way to buy a vehicle.

— Lloyd B.